Abigail (alien_sunset) wrote in babysign,

first signs?

we are getting ready to start signing to our 3 month old son. so far we've used mommy, daddy, love, cat, and apple. (he obviously can't sign anything yet, but loves watching us)

we want to use signs a lot and during our every day conversations, so I'm putting together some 'cheat sheets' for us and I was wondering what were some of the first signs you used with your babies?

so for we have yes, no, please, thank you, sorry, hungry, want, more, eat, milk, apple, car, walk, play, up, down and wrap (we babywear)

I know some of these won't really apply to our son for a while, but I want to get them down so we can practice them. Are there any other signs you think we might need?
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