Lunesse (lunesse) wrote in babysign,

14 months, won't sign back but understands. Help?

My guy is 14 months and he understands several signs. I do them without the verbal word and he still knows what I am saying, but he doesn't ever try to sign back. Any ideas how to make the click in his head? Or maybe he just doesn't feel he needs to to be understood, cause I ask, eventually?


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Keep using them with him and he'll start signing back when he's ready :)
What signs do you use? Some babies don't feel the need to have a sign for things like milk and diaper change, because they've gotten their point across just fine before now with crying or other methods of communicating. ;) But introducing signs for things that fascinate them, that *they* might want to talk about, can get them hooked on the whole two-way communication thing. My son's first signs were "light" and "dog" I think. :) "Bug" and "ball" were also early hits! It doesn't seem quite as useful from your perspective, but like I said, it gets them hooked on the idea of using sign to talk to you about the world around them. :)
that's a good idea, figuring out what he is interested in beyond the basics. =)
This is how spoken language is developed as well. Children first comprehend much more before they begin to speak. He'll come along just fine so continue what you are doing.