Carole (sundart) wrote in babysign,

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Having your hands full

Hello, everyone! I'm just getting started signing with my little girl, who is just shy of six months old. Being new to both signing and this community, I have a question that probably has some obvious answer that I'm just not able to figure out (must be all of those interrupted nights).

I spend a lot of the day carrying my baby around in one arm, sitting with her on my lap, or helping to prop her up while we sit on the floor together (she's almost an independent sitter, but not quite). I've been finding it difficult to have my dominant hand free to sign to her, and I am at a total loss to figure out how to integrate two-handed signs into our communication! How do you manage it? (We have several cats, who are just now VERY interesting, so I really want to figure this question out.)

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
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