miss kitty fantastico (thesynergizer) wrote in babysign,
miss kitty fantastico


help my daughter is "lying" because we were letting her pee outside and now whenever she wants to go outside she signs potty! and it's getting worse in that she seems to be HOLDING now because when it was cold, i would bring her back in as soon as she went.

i want her to be able to ask to go out separately from signing potty. does anyone know a sign for outside or go out or something like that? i have tried to do damage control by taking her to the bathroom only not outside when she signs potty and taking her outside because "it's outside play time!" but then i might as well take her diaper off because why on earth would i want her to mess her diaper when she is outside and could just go whereever whenever ...

sorry this is a bit incoherent, it's late :-)

PS: she is 13 months and says more words than she signs.
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