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Research for a project!

Hello moms, dads, guardian figures, and lurkers.

I'm a child development and child psychology student at the University of Virginia. We're working on special interest projects and I'm particularly fascinated by baby sign language, especially how it affects later language acquisition, manual dexterity, and attachment bonds.

I would love it if some of you wonderful caregivers could answer some questions about or share their experiences with baby sign language, both positive and negative. Give me everything you've got, I love listening to stories and gushing! I've posted some questions below if you're more comfortable with a survey format: answer some, all, whatever you're comfortable with. Feel free to share a random tale or link me to your baby-sign blog entries.

If you're more comfortable emailing me your answers or anecdotes, my school email is No names, pictures, or personal information will be used.

Thank you so much, I can't wait to hear from you!
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1. How did you hear about baby sign language? Why did you decide to practice it?

2. Did you research methods prior to starting? Did you use books, websites, classes, etc? Had you read negative press on the subject?

3. How old was your child when you started signing to them? When they started signing back?

4. Do you feel it improved communication and/or your relationship with your child?

5. Do you think it positively or negatively impacted their ability to communicate with you verbally?

6. What else was unique or interesting about your foray into sign language?
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