Abigail (alien_sunset) wrote in babysign,

first signs?

we are getting ready to start signing to our 3 month old son. so far we've used mommy, daddy, love, cat, and apple. (he obviously can't sign anything yet, but loves watching us)

we want to use signs a lot and during our every day conversations, so I'm putting together some 'cheat sheets' for us and I was wondering what were some of the first signs you used with your babies?

so for we have yes, no, please, thank you, sorry, hungry, want, more, eat, milk, apple, car, walk, play, up, down and wrap (we babywear)

I know some of these won't really apply to our son for a while, but I want to get them down so we can practice them. Are there any other signs you think we might need?
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"Light" was my son's first sign and his favorite for a long time. He never did sign milk!

You may also want to use "diaper" or "potty"; shoes; also animal signs.
awesome, thanks!

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we plan on hiking a lot the outside sins are a great idea! thanks :)

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for babywearing, we plan on using up plus this
We did a lot of signs with our son starting around 5 months. He liked watching, but didn't really get it at all. We started back up when he was 8 months and he caught on then. First signs for us were: more,milk, please, help, kitty and he has known the sign for I love you since 9 months but couldn't properly sign it until recently and he's 2.5 now.

By the time he was 13 months he was very apt at signing and had about 40 signs. He could even combine signs together on his own.
First was milk (used for nursing), eat, more, all done, cat. Then we watched what she looked at and what was around; squirrel, car, deer, turkey, cheese, cookie, meat, please, again... By the time she started talking more than signing, ~18 months, she was asking for signs and learning them faster than we could. She never did Daddy, thank you, walk, jump or sit but knew what they meant. At 2.5, she still signs please and again.

Pick a few to start with, then pay attention to what he's interested in. We used "Sign with your Baby" by Joseph Garcia (great! Short!) supplemented with ASL dictionaries from our library.
"Milk" was my son's first sign. Others were: more, all done, drink, eat, bath, splash, change...
I taught my nephew to sign "chicken" when he was about a year. For the longest time every bird he saw was a "chicken." Animal signs are always great. "Help" is another great sign. Really is useful when the child is older. Lincoln signed "help" all the time instead of getting frustrated because he couldn't do something.