Рано или поздно, так или иначе (outside_flo) wrote in babysign,
Рано или поздно, так или иначе

Hi everybody!

I'm new here.
My name is Helen, i'm from Russia (sorry for my english!!) and i have 4 months old son Darius.
I like the idea of babysigning very much! I want to start now, hope that at 6-8 months Darius will sign back to me. So I started to use "eat" and "milk" (both for breastfeeding). Then I'll learn some more signs.
I have some questions.
1. What language to use? ASL or other? Are there a big differense? (most of babysign books/websites/videos use ASL - on the other hand - our natural language is russian, maybe russian sign language will be closer to us?)
2. Are there a sign for baby wrap? I want Darius to use some sign when he'll want to go to his baby carrier (we use baby wrap and sometimes mei tai and ring sling).
3. Why baby using etiquiette words like "please" and "thank you"? Is it natural for them to say "please give me" instead of just "give me"?

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